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"inTOXICating FOLLOWERSHIP in the Jonestown Massacre" 

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Dr. Edmonds is an Assistant Professor in the College of Business at Bowie State University. As a sought-after leading expert in “Toxic Followership,” she is Chair of the Followership Learning Community at the International Leadership Association, a published author and researcher.


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"InTOXICating Followership" examines the lived experiences of the November 1978 Jonestown Massacre survivors through the lens of “toxic followership.” Included are excerpts from the Jim Jones followers and suggestions on how to prevent yielding to the deceptive practices of destructive leaders.

Speaking of FOLLOWERSHIP...

Dr. Edmonds is passionate and enjoys engaging discussion about leaders and followers. She leverages real life experiences to share the hard truth of her topics with humor and grace. Each time she speaks, the audience is not only captivated but also educated and empowered to challenge the subtleties in the culture of toxic followership.

As Featured...

Dr. Edmonds continues to collaborate with multiple organizations over the span of her career. 

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